Factory General View

We are located in the heart of nature – a fully green environment.

Trees, flowers, grasses, mountains and lakes nearby make a factory totally different from any traditional manufacturer. Here workers can enjoy the fresh air and hear birds’ chirping every day. Walking on a woodland path at a break time will quickly bring workers back with energy and good mood even after hard working for a whole day long.

In summer, the environment provides a temperature which is 3 degrees Celsius lower than downtown. The gentle and refreshing wind fondles human beings at night and helps them promptly fall into a sweet sleep in the dormitory. No car or commercial noise here, only nature tells everybody that it’s a lot farther from the big city’s hustle and bustle.


Aerial view of the factory

We own 42,000 square meters land and over 120,000 square meters floor space.



Mountain View of the factory


Factory Gate



Window View



Internal View



Parking Lots for Cars



Parking Lots for Bicycles