Though free space transmission is 300M,
the doorbell can meet different distance requirements at most cases.
By using the doorbell, tenant can easily differenciate the ring call from front door
or back door before he/she decides to open the door.
Users who don't want doorbell rings at night or in meeting can have the push button's
panel rotated to be non-disturbance.
It is crucial for a doorbell to be working outdoor for a long time.
The doorbell QH-888AC's push button is weather resistant against rain, high or low temperature.
Model: QH-888AC
Frequency: 315/433.92MHz
Modulation Type: ASK
Ring Volume: 80dB
Reception Sensitivity: -110dBm
Power Supply(Transmitter): 1xDC 3V CR2032(included)
Power Supply(Receiver): 110-240V 50/60Hz
Transmitting Power: 10mW
Power Consumption: <3W